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About Us



Becky and her wife Ginger officially founded Woods & Stems in late 2021. As Co-Owners, they have built upon their love of mushrooms to create a fullfledged mushroom cultivation and mushroom jerky company. To quote Becky “Fungi are fascinating and learning about them is something that is never-ending, always challenging and forever magical. They are the decomposers, balancers and healers of our world”.


At an early age, Becky foraged for morels with her family at her Grandmothers ancestral home located in the middle of woods on the outskirts of Evansville, IN. During her teens and into adulthood she managed to stumble her way through a few mushroom grow kits while taking herbalism courses part-time. Herbalism and alternative healing led her into the world of medicinal mushrooms. She devoured everything she could find on the subject until one day, years later, her dad received a grim diagnosis, kidney cancer. She started treating him with a combination of herbs and mushrooms that included Reishi and Cordyceps. It’s during this time that Becky and Ginger took a leap of faith and began growing mushrooms full time.


To come full circle, the owl in the Woods & Stems logo is a family tribute to her late father, James Woods, and the location of the Woods & Stems mushroom “shack” is the same property where her and her family foraged those morels so long ago.

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