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Shrooms & Spice & Everything Nice Seasonings

Shrooms & Spice & Everything Nice Seasonings


We have created our own line of mushroom spices, salts and seasonings. We add a general mix and match amount of our gourmet mushrooms to every jar. 


Blackened would be excellent for fish, chicken, vegetables, soups, salads, or anything else you can think of! Mushrooms are a healthy and good for you snack. Now you can have them with every meal!


Taco Spice Blend for Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Vegetables or anything your little heart desires! Add a delicious kick to any meal or snack item and lets not forget that it also has a gourmet blend of healthy mushrooms mixed right in!


Go Wild! is our most popular go to spice blend. Combines unique flavors with a mushroom twist. Use on Steak, Popcorn, Veggies, Mac & Cheese even a grilled cheese sandwhich! The uses are endless! Delicious taste with a gourmet blend of healthy mushrooms mixed right in!


PINK Salt adds that immediate flavor punch to a dish that takes it from boring to delicious. With a heaping amount of mushrooms combined with Himalayan Pink Salt It's sure to awaken your taste buds! Keeping it healthy with the 84 trace minerals and electrolytes that the Himalayan Pink Salt brings to the table! Anywhere you use salt you can substitute with our mushroom salt.

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